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Old News

April 27-- Well, everyone is back from Vegas, and they are all in one peice. Heath only came home with one trophy, he now has a 7th place world mini trophy to add into him piles in his house. Cory rode pretty well, I think he told me he had a couple of good motos, finish 12th in one of them. Andy, forced to ride the junior class, did not have a good week. Konrad Kuest came home with bragging rights of 16th, going around telling everyone that he is now "16th in the world" According to people that were down there. His class wasn't every big to start off with. And I guess some people DNS the second moto. But what I do know for sure, is that he was lapped the first moto. There are more riding pictures, so check that out. And pictures of Cory's stiches that he got in the lip from going over the bars. And look at the goon of the month, how dumb does that look.
April 16-- A couple of the SMR riders have made their way down to the World Mini. Konrad Kuest, Cory Luttermoser, Heath Robertson, and Andy deKruyf. Hopefully every class will be well represented. Konrad will be riding the 250 Pro Class. Cory will be competing in the 125 and 250 Intermediate Stock Classes, and also the 125 Mod INT. class. Heath, will be hopefully dominating then 125 Stock and Mod Junior class. Andy, who was able to con RMC Motorsports out of his 98 CR 125 to ride the Stock class. He should be hitting up the 125 Stock and Mod beginner class, if he is not protested out. Hopefully all of our boys will qualify for there mains. According to Heath, he will be moving up after this race. He has been given crap from almost ever racing promoter to move up. He should do well in the INT class. Tim Robertson had to go in for another sugary, hopefully this should do him well, they actually just started just wrenching his leg around...bending it all the way to his butt. I'm still waiting on some picture that are on one of Cory's computers, when I get those...I will up update more. And my guestbook got shut down. I'm out looking for another free one.
Mar. 26-- I have put up some picture that I got from the Tacoma Arena Cross this last weekend. There is one of Konrad, and one of Eric Waunch. Just click on the riding pictures part of the site. Konrad made the heat races on Friday night but didn't the second night. He was boasting that he holeshoted Jeff Whillo. We'll see when it airs on ESPN. Heath, Matt, Cory, and Andy all made the trip town to Horn Rapids again. Heath took both the 125 junior, and combined junior class. Andy, forced to race junior again under protest, actually placed pretty well in the junior class. You could find him and Bossard neck and neck in the "true junior" pack. Cory rode well in the INT. class, but I didn't get to see his overalls. After talking to CMC officials they said that the reason that Andy was moved up was because you should move up when you are lapping people. Obviously it must be a racial thing, because Heath actually lapped three people in one of his motos.
Mar. 21-- I really don't know what to say, cause I really don't do anything to the site ever. But since the racing season is starting up again, I'm sure I will start posing results from everyweekend, and new riding pics. I just gotta get off my bum, and actually do something. Cory Luttermoser (4) did pretty well down at Horn Rapids this weekend, he won the second 250 Pro/Int moto taking first overall in the 250 Intermediate. I belive he got a 2nd in the 125's also, not positve on that. Heath Robertson (727) did pretty well this weekend, still aboard his brother Tim's bike. He won the 125 junior class, taking both motos. He rode two other classes last weekend. One was the 125/250 Junior combined, and the Open Junior class. He would have taken all of the motos last weekend, except for a bad start and later running into the back of another rider. Andy deKruyf, number 3 on the Honda, will no longer be seen the beginner class. I guess Andy had been riding in the 125/250 Junior combined class's all over the arenacross circuit. The same weekend, he got a 4th in the Junior class, so that should give him some confidence for his step up. Matt Bossard (51) now riding the 250f had some trouble with keeping it on two wheels these last couple of weekends. A lot of us are just really glad to have him on the track, after breaking his neck, a lot of people didn't think they would ever see him race again. Josh Nelson, did pretty well, taking second in his 80 beg class.
Mar. 14-- After weeks of talks, and countless hours in a court room I got my site back. Acording to the Lycos Network, I broke some of the rules having to do with "remote linking". Because I couldn't get it to work from this page, I had put the "Ripaknewon" video on one of my old sites. I will admit that I was unaware of that rule, but lucky me, I got it back. There will be some work done in the future, but for now, I have to study to get my cisco certificate.
Feb. 26--I think that the bugs of the video are worked out, at least I hope so. Check out Chris Starks profile in the riders section, I got that part done. Thwew was the opening race down at Richland this weekend. Stay tuned for some resluts put up by one of the riders that was there. The video can be found in the download section of the site.
Feb. 23--The SMR crew has realesed a comercail for a product. We like the call it "Ripaknewon" its a sports drink that makes you a better snowboarder. Check it out here. Nothing else has really gone on. I'm having some comlications with the whole profile thing, I'll figure out how to get it done in while.
Feb. 21--How do you like the new look? I have spent a little bit of time getting things. Some stuff I haven't figured out a way to convert...profiles are the main thing that I'm having problems with. The big problem is to figure out how to move the scroll bar. Don't worry, I'll figure it out later.
Feb 16--All the boys from the quah better watch out, cause the roudy SMR Cheney chapter is coming over. Well, nothing will get done for a while...I'll be gone for a while. But when we get back we will have some pretty serious snowboard footage for the web. And maybe a sneek peek at the "Ripaknewon" Sports drink ad.
Feb 9--How do the boys from Seattle like the Cheney style? We have gone Quah style. WE figured that we could take a picture and show them what they are missing. Well, nothing is going on right now. Oh well, talk to you guys later.
Feb 5--You would be amazed what you can get a sitation for these days! A couple of annonyomus SMR riders became Ritzville celeberties last week. Read about it Here. Thats all I'm supposed to say about that. Well, nothing is really going on with us right now. There was some pretty fat snowboarding the other night at Matt Manville's house, wait for some picture from there.
Feb. 3--I got to put up a new goon of the month, only 3 days late, thanks to Chris Stark. Anyways, if you boys from the westside haven't herd, the Cheney boys are coming over Presidents Day weekend, so mark your callenders. Well, there is nothing other to say other than later....P.S. I think that putting up the new women pics were a very good idea, I have had more people ask me about that site just cause of that reason that any other.
Jan. 24--First off, I would like to say sorry to Tiffany, I dind't even give her credit for being "tossed" around the SMR Crew. I never thought I would talk to her again, but she emailed me, a little pissed. Then I would like to Move on to Mandy Bossard, you should of known that anything that is put on my website is a joke, and not to be taken hard. You know I love you. Rumor has it there are people I don't even know looking at my site, please sign the guestbook when you come. I'll try to get it looking cooler, but I have so much homework its almost next to impossible. We will be adding Kevin Kuest to the riders section pretty soon, damn hes a pimp.
Jan. 15--S.O.D. in the house this weekend. Some pretty soild footage was taken this weekend for the "Soulgers" Konrad Kuest was actually sliding down a double kink handrail, with his shoes...sounds dumb...but was really cool. 'lil Robertson, had some problems with the wrist this weekend, after falling several times on them, I think he even cryed once. No report from Cory Luttermoser about what happened at Pasco this weekend, but be looking forward to that. Check out, they have the supercross availble for listening, you can listen to last weekends San Deigo race. Note to Mandy Bossard--Who cares whats on my web one reads it.
Jan. 8--Just to think, the real J.J. Pecsok was looking at my web page, is totaly a turn I'm actually looking for a new goon of the month picture. So if you have one, hook me up. The only reason that Holliday is on there is because I didn't have any pics. I guess Heath, from Robertson Racing landed on a BEG at Richland on the double before the long table top in the back. Hes a little soar, and the pipe is a little busted up. Bossard is boasting rumors of some great pics from this weekend, so be looking for them sometime this week. Note to Cory - Mandy Bossard wants your nuts....
Jan. 7-- Well, due to extream homework, and going to the mountain on the weekends....there has been no work on the page. This should change shortly, due to the fact that everyone has been giving me crap for not updating. I'm going to give the site a new look when I have time again.
Dec 21st--Sorry for not updating, most of the SMR crew could be found at the Mountains around Spokane...and the other half, they actually stayed true to riding. No matter how bad the roads are you will most likely find the Robertson Racing crew down in the sands of Horn Rapids. The other half of us have just followed the seasons change, and changed our sports. We actually are still jumping around like crazy, just not on bikes, in the past few weeks you could find us hucking a 30 footer at the Kuest Ranch of Riding. And when were not jibin' it up can find us at the mountain, keeping our spleens intact. Due to the protesting of all of our riders, you will not find Donny VanSickle on the site as a rider, but look for pics of him coming January 1st. If we get back to riding you will find some more results for Monroe and what not. Andy deKryuf has hit almost ever race so the westsiders are actully riding more than we are over here...I think thats a first.
Dec 12th--Check out the results page, since we couldn't get Cory to do some writting I had to go to someone that actualy does what they say they will-Bossard. There is some pretty solid info there so check it out. Monroe - Dec. 10 Nothings really getting done because I'm extreamly lazy, and sleep all day long. With no breaks for homework.
Dec. 9th--There was more pictures added to the Big Pimpin' page, Some work done of the profiles, and more riding pics. But to tell you the truth, thats all I'm doing. I'm to busy boarding...see you at the mountain
Dec. 5th--Tank's Big Pimpin', Profiles, Results....just some of the stuff that I did today. I have been hounding people for profile info, so more are to come. It seems that the SMR riders are trying to top each other in there profile, and I find it quite humorous. Keep checking up to see what is said. I don't wanna be a jerk face, but please, please, sign my guest book, it looks really dumb when no one signs it. Thanks....
Dec. 4th--Again, there was alot of stuff put up today, even a couple of profiles. So, when you check out the riders page, click on a name, and see if you can maybe get a profile. There are only a couple done, but more to come. so pretty much, check every page on the site...
Dec. 3rd--Today has been one of the most productive days since I started building this page. I have put up something new on almost every page so check it out. Cory and I made the trip to the middle of no where in central Washington, to meet up with Eric, but when we get there the track is covered in snow, THANKS WAUNCH! But it wasn't bad, the ground wasn't frozen so it went away, but you could see that no one really wanted to start changing into their gear, huddleing by the fire was one of the most popular activities of the trip, it was damn cold. But all and all it was a good day. Waunch lost two bets today accourding to Cory, one, he didn't jump everything on the track first lap, and second, he bet Cory that he would wreck on his last to laps....or something like that. Back the site news, be expecting more, because I have a ton of pictures to work with.
Dec. 2nd--Serious work was thrown down...along with some snowboarding. Well, I have scanned about 30 be expecting them on the site come monday or tuesday. There is a new goon up I hope you like it. Really tired...need sleepy! P.S. Check out the Drivers ED page!
Nov. 29th--Today I was informed by someones mom that I need to get more schooling on spelling. I mean, comon that hurt. You can see the details in the guestbook. Nothing more to say than.....shoot...I ain't gots nutin to say...
Nov. 28th--Be looking forward to a new goon of the month. Within the next couple of days I would like to premire the "Tanks Big Pimpin' Page." So be waiting for that. I'm hoping for there to be a pretty fat sesion at the mountain this weekend. Hopefully. Oh yea, and on another note, if you see Joey Cleepy, his new nickname is "Montel" I don't think I'm ever going to let him live that down. Nothing more to say really....other than...."WORD"- in the lingo of CHolliday.
Nov. 27th--All I have to say is, never....ever..ever...ever......ever, tell your friends that you called the cops on them saying they are driving all crazy, and flashing people for no reason while they were driving there mom's car because its not very funny Cory! After intercepting Him on the way home, I continued to keep my brights on behind him swerving around all fancy crazy like behind him. But its all good...(note to cory, remember how much the beating I threw apon you in IBM hurt? Double it jerky!) Nothing else has gone on with the SMR crew, other than some pretty fat snowboarding/skiboarding sesons at Konrads, one of these times we will take pictures. Maybe I will be able to bust some big airs(or fimir) on my new skiboards when I hit the hill. See you wendsday at 49, -- and a little reminder, for those of you that didn't know, I am the only person that bought a season pass this year, so if you see Chris, kick him in the nuts, cause now I'm the only one.
Nov. 22nd--Shoot, turkey day is apon us, and I have eaten myself crazy! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm going to go though, just thought I would check up with let you know that I'm not abandoning the site. We have gotten some new Idea's for pages, the best one right now is Tank's big pimpin. Bossard has been hooking us up with some pictures, so be looking forward to seing them. Rumor has it that Tanks is with some girl that I have had my eye on for a while now, Don't worry Matty, I'll try not to take her away. OH yea, don't forget to sign the guestbook.
Nov. 21st--Well, I was awoken today about 4pm, to hear the news that some jerky had beaten my snake score. I was a little upset becuase I didn't want to hear it. Well, I had to remove one of the quotes off the page due the the constant crying of one of the riders. Its alright, even thought it is my page, and I can do whatever I want, I took it down. TRU Homies! So Cory's posted snake score is a soild couple above mine, 623 But don't worry about it, I'll top it by the end of the year. Be looking forward to a colum by ones of the riders, they would like to add more the the SMR website, but they don't want to take on the about a puss.
Nov. 20th--This was one of the weirdest weekends you'll ever hear about from the SMR crew. Talk about DRAMA! Some Fighting broke out between Konrad and Cory, Ben got in the middle of it, and for all of this trouble, got a coule of knees to the head, but no damage Done. A few of the SMR riders made a little trip to Horn Rapids this weekend, following the Robertson race van on the way down, with Tim behind the wheel, Cory and I counted a total of 12 times the van hit the rumble strip. I'm sure he will be added to the reason why riders shouldn't drive shortly. The Robertson brothers will most likley be down at Richland every sunday, most likely driven by Heath. Durring the trip, I posted a score of 616 on the game of snake. Beat that Cory! Finals week is now apon us, so don't be expecting to much.
Nov. 17th--Well, I have never seen someone spit up so much blood, without getting in a fight...Chris got his wisdom teeth pulled today, so he's out of the weekend of fooling around. So good luck to him. Finals week at school so you won't see so much put up.
Nov. 16th--Nothing will be done today, because I'm doing other things. But I did change "Wanch" to "Waunch" I was notifyed by a little email, If Cory wasn't such a slacker and proof read my stuff, that mistake would of never happened.
Nov. 15th--Its amazing how many of the SMR members are totaly ditching there sports to hang out with 9th graders. Don't worry about it, they will realize there roots, and get back into the flow. We are still trying to get some pictures of the "superstar" of the Exteam Motorsports, Konrad Kuest, so if you see him tell him to go up to grandpa's.
Nov. 14th--If SMR was filled with a bunch of overpaid, whinny, little bitches...maybe something could get done. But no, something gets put up, and the other riders bitch. Don't worry, stuff will get done durring the work week, when they arn't around.

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