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Cheney guys in the clothes of the Quah
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SMR Cop Trouble
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Feb 16--All the boys from the quah better watch out, cause the roudy SMR Cheney chapter is coming over. Well, nothing will get done for a while...I'll be gone for a while. But when we get back we will have some pretty serious snowboard footage for the web. And maybe a sneek peek at the "Ripaknewon" Sports drink ad.
Feb 9--How do the boys from Seattle like the Cheney style? We have gone Quah style. WE figured that we could take a picture and show them what they are missing. Well, nothing is going on right now. Oh well, talk to you guys later.
Feb 5--You would be amazed what you can get a sitation for these days! A couple of annonyomus SMR riders became Ritzville celeberties last week. Read about it Here. Thats all I'm supposed to say about that. Well, nothing is really going on with us right now. There was some pretty fat snowboarding the other night at Matt Manville's house, wait for some picture from there.
Feb. 3--I got to put up a new goon of the month, only 3 days late, thanks to Chris Stark. Anyways, if you boys from the westside haven't herd, the Cheney boys are coming over Presidents Day weekend, so mark your callenders. Well, there is nothing other to say other than later....P.S. I think that putting up the new women pics were a very good idea, I have had more people ask me about that site just cause of that reason that any other.
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