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Ben Santiago

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 165
DOB: 07/15/84
Fake ID: Mike Alessi
Hometown: Cheney, Washington
Born: Spokane, Washington
Hobbies: Skiblading, Mountainbiking, Computers, Wakeboarding, Navigating, knitting
AOL Screename: Santiman717
Number(s): 717
Bike(s): N/A
Riding Class(s): N/A
Favorite Movie: Billy Madison
Favorite Food: Anything thats Free
Favorite Song: Big Tymers - Number One Stunna
  Favorite Singer/Group: Cash Money Millionares
  Favorite Pro Rider: Travis Pastrana
  Favorite Compeditor: Don't have one...I like kickin' everyones ass
  Nickname(s): Santi, Benny
  Relationship Status: Single
  Years Riding: Riding what?...
  Past Injuries: No broken bones, but I have torn three ACL, and I have some pretty cool scars
  Sponsors: SMR, JC's Pub, Soldiers of Dirt, Center Apparel, Line Skis, The North Face, Iris Goggles, DL's Ski Shop
Comments: ....Everytime I come around your city....bling! bling!

Ben & Dusty throwing down some hard work for Holliday Heating.

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