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Heath Robertson

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 149
DOB: 04/06/83
Hometown: Spokane, Washington
Born: Spokane, Washington
Fake ID: Mark Henderson...#615 on the Yamy
Hobbies: Comedic Acts, Lifting Weights, Running, Bingo with Grandma
AOL Screename:
Number(s): 727, 14
Bike(s): Suzuki
Riding Class(s): 125 Junior
Favorite Movie: Officespace, 8-Seconds
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Burritos
Favorite Song: George Straight - Big Balls in cow town
Garth Brooks - The Dance
  Favorite Singer/Group: George Straight
  Favorite Pro Rider: Ernesto Fonseca, Ricky Carmichael
  Favorite Compeditor: The SMR crew
  Nickname(s): Hurricane, Heat Styl
  Relationship Status: Single
  Years Riding: 10
  Past Injuries: Broken: Forarm, Thumb
Surgery: Both Wrists
Torn: Rotator Cuff
  Sponsors: Dick's Suzuki, Answer, Extream Motorsports, Pro Action, Bridgestone, Scott, Factory Effects, EVS, Strokher Racing

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