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Jared Jobe

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
DOB: 02/21/83
Fake ID: Cory Luttermoser - "I live in Cheney and have 4 bikes, don't work and get everything handed to me"
Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Born: Pullman, Washington
Hobbies: Dirtbiking, 4x4ing, hitting on the ladies
AOL Screename: MXMAC001
Number(s): 16
Bike(s): Honda
Riding Class(s): 250 Beginner
Favorite Movie: Moto XXX - 4
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Song: Shake it Fast!!
  Favorite Singer/Group: LFO
  Favorite Pro Rider: Jeremy McGrath
  Favorite Compeditor: Andy deKruyf
  Nickname(s): J, Jobe
  Relationship Status: Single, but always macking
  Years Riding: 9
  Past Injuries: Multiple Bruises and scars
  Sponsors: Mommy and Daddy
Comments: It doesn't matter how many aftermarket parts or stickers you have on your bike, or how nice your gear is, it matters if you actually ride it. (Note to self - This seems to be directed tward Brandon Fisser...seems that way to me. -SM)

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