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Tim Robertson

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145
DOB: 11/01/81
Hometown: Spocompton
Born: Spokane, Washington
Hobbies: Video Games, Youth Group, "Cock Blocking"--Matt Bossard
AOL Screename:
Number(s): 707
Bike(s): Suzuki
Riding Class(s): 125 Int
Favorite Movie: City of Angels
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Song: You lost that lovin feeling
Favorite Singer/Group: Obituary
  Favorite Pro Rider: Jean Michele Bayle
  Favorite Compeditor: Konrad Kuest
  Nickname(s): Sunday Express, Shakes
  Relationship Status: Single, searching
  Years Riding: 12
  Past Injuries: Broken: Forarm, Collarbone, Toe
Hyperextension: Left Wrist, All the way back
  Sponsors: Dick's Suzuki, Angels Drive Inn, Becks Radiator, Strokher Racing, Soldiers of Dirt
Comments: You can drive as far as you want to nationals, but when you come back, my natural talent will still be kicking your ass's.

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