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After watching the movie decade I was all about tackleing the chest slide.


Jan. 24th - All of the SOD and SMR members have been going down and causeing some rucus. You might find us with some cameras, trying to film for our own TV show. We will tell you about that later.

Dec. 21st - Well, so far the navigators have really turned out to be the best snowboarding boot that we have used. We will try to get some pics up of us busting out in the navs. Well, I haven't gotten to navigate for almost a month now, considering the fact that Robertsons keep on hiding my pair from me. lol Chris Holliday's Navigators are MIA due to Konrad not giving them back...he won't be getting his own pair any time soon considering he has lost his discount at Zumiez, who ever new that if a bunch of people went and told the store manager that he wasn't skating anymore, that he would get kicked off...oh well he has it all planned out, he is going to start skating again, win the first contest of the year and get sponsered by Local 77, good luck!

Nov. 11th - Tonight navigation was taken to a new level. Since the roads were so icy, we were able so get pulled behind cars. We will get some pictures up of it. You wouldn't belive how good you can slide someones bumper when it is icy.

    Navigatin' Crew:
  • Ben Santiago
  • Chris Holliday
  • Heath Robertson
  • Cory Luttermoser
  • Andy deKruyf
    Wanna B's
  • Konrad Kuest

If you want to join the Naviagtors, buy a pair, then start emailing us some pictures of the nutty stuff you have done.

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