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Why Riders Shouldn't Drive

Jared Jumpin Big
I thought Andy was the reason why riders shouldn't drive...but I guess not. A friend of Matt Bossard showing us that if we aren't jumping bikes, we are jumping our cars. He hit this bank at 25mph, Matt behind him hit it 10mph faster, and jacked himself.

This is Bossard going off back when he used to have the jeep, All I know is that he hammered this thing. It was a true "international travler." My only question to you, is why is Matt backing up through this puddle, does this seem odd to you?

Andy Wreck
This is the biggest reason to prove that riders can't drive. This six rollover accient over a cliff was cause of a little tire blowout, missing the gaurd rail by less than 10 feet. The driver Andy, walked away from the wreck without a scrath, the passenger (non-rider) spent the night in the hospital with 10 stiches in his head, and a concusion...air bag didn't deploy.
Andy Wreck

Cory Wreck
This is what happends when you check your mail, but your mailbox is on the other side of the road. Making a headcheck seeing no one was there, then waiting for boxvan to pass, Cory decided that he would pull into his driveway. BAMM! "T-Bone, T-Bone, T-Bone..." He was tagged by someone that doesn't understand the whole "steer to aviod" theroy.

Zach Wreck Zach Wreck
Don't rally Mommies mini van in the middle of the desert. Zach, after riding at Horn Rapids, tryed to turn around in the middle of no where, and he got stuck. Yet another person that has out rallied Fisser.

Ben Wreck
This one was done by "Santi-Man" himself. Rallying alone in a feild not more than a mile from his house, he had some technical difficulites with the whole high siding thing. "I was doing about 25mph, and I was coming tward the end of the field, so I decied to do a broady, I pushed in the cluch, drop it to 2nd, and throw the wheel. I made it about half way around, the just rolled onto the top." This happened on week before he got his 16th birthday. He was at the races that next weekend.

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