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Konrad Kuest - "There I was..."

Ben Santiago - "I'm rallying in a hay field right..." (explaing why he doesn't have a car)

Matt Bossard - "Tank don't ride for no trick ass bitches..."

Heath Robertson - "We Be Jamin'"

Cory Luttermoser - "Put on your big boy pants and lets go..."

Tim Robertson - "Don't hate the player, hate the game"

Heath & Ben - "T-Bone, T-Bone, T-Bone" (sunday mornings, eating doughnuts, watching the intersection of Garland and Monroe)

Jesse Shankle - "Mess wit the best, die like the rest"


Heath's dad - "Not bad for a rock stock Suzuki..."

Andy deKruyf - "If my tires are warm, and dicks hot, no one can catch me"

Jacob Stark - "...wheres April"

Brandon Bussey - "Pimpin Ain't Easy"

Jesse Shankle - "Bitch, da best ain't evea rest"

Chris Holliday - "Oh, sorry Cory, I didn't know it was you dude..." (so if it was anyone else it would of been alright to take them out)

Jesse Shankle - "...that's faget"

Chris Holliday - "...on the track, I have no friends" (Explaing why he took cory out in the first corner of a race)

Jesse Shankle - "He's a peice of shit"

Matt Bossard - "...the card must of went in wrong..."

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