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Abby and Britt, a couple of the hotties on the other side of the mountains.
The Lovely Sara Rodgers, and Drew
Rachel and Austin I just wish I was in that I was in on this. Rachel and Austin getting a little close.

Damn, this is one that I wish I could have. Well, I guess I had my chance...but shes on the market guys. Anyways, This is one of the groupies. She looks pretty good I think Rachel

Tiffany Funny little thing about this girl, Tiffany. Shes a hottie and shes cool. Matt Bossard went to this dance in '99 with her. A whole year later, Andy deKruyf was going to take her to his homecoming, small world huh? Shows how ladies get tossed around the SMR crew.

All I know about this girl is she has a very nice...well, shes looks pretty hot. This is Janelle getting into Matt Bossards car...Big Pimpin' Janelle

Jennifer Driving around looking for carpet for a speaker box, we ran into Jennifer. Lucky for us, her family owns Rick's Carpet. We were able to snap this shot of perfection.

Pretty good story behind this one. Cory was down at Ponca City in '99. He was taking the picture of these ladies, right when that black car was driving by...little did Cory know, the car was filled with 5 girls at least 10 times hotter...laughing at him! Ponca Butts

Sara and Cory SMR's Cory, getting a little flirty with the ladies at the races.

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