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Click on the names for pictures of:

Cory Luttermoser - #4
File Type Location Size
cory1.jpg Jump Spokane 35kb
cory2.jpg Jump Spokane 34kb
cory3.jpg Goon Spokane 47kb
cory4.jpg Corner Spokane 67kb
cory5.jpg Front Manual Spokane 137kb
cory6.jpg Whip Spokane 40kb
cory7.jpg Corner Spokane 57kb
cory8.jpg Jump Spokane 46kb
cory9.jpg Jump Spokane 45kb
cory10.jpg Corner Horn Rapids ORV, Richland, WA 26kb
cory11.jpg Corner Horn Rapids ORV, Richland, WA 32kb
cory12.jpg Jump Horn Rapids ORV, Richland, WA 15kb

Jared Jobe - #16
File Type Location Size
jared.jpg Jump Cheney Rodeo Grounds 96kb

Matt Bossard - #51
File Type Location Size
matt1.jpg Jump Spokane 75 kb
matt2.jpg Jump Spokane 45 kb
matt3.jpg Jump Spokane 29 kb
matt4.jpg Jump Spokane 55 kb
matt5.jpg Jump Spokane 54 kb

Chris Holliday - #140
File Type Location Size
chris1.jpg No Footed Can-Can Spokane 38kb
chris2.jpg Jump Spokane 45kb
chris3.jpg Corner Spokane 38kb
chris4.jpg Heel Clicker Cheney Rodeo Grounds 39kb
chris5.jpg Jump Spokane 45kb
chris6.jpg Cliffhanger Spokane 16kb
chris7.jpg Jump Cheney Rodeo Grounds 49kb
chris8.jpg Heel Clicker Spokane 23kb
chris9.jpg Heel Clicker Spokane 23kb
chris10.jpg Corner Spokane 59kb
chris11.jpg Cliffhanger Spokane 23kb

File Type Location Size
konrad.jpg Jump Tacoma Dome 60kb

Tim Robertson - #707
File Type Location Size
tim1.jpg Jump Trolson 87kb
tim2.jpg Jump Trolson 149kb
tim3.jpg One Legger Trolson 62kb

Heath Robertson - #727
File Type Location Size
heath1.jpg Whip Spokane 107kb
heath2.jpg Wheele Spokane 97kb
heath3.jpg Corner Spokane 97kb
heath4.jpg Whip Spokane 55kb
heath5.jpg Jump Spokane 51kb
heath6.jpg Jump Spokane 51kb
heath7.jpg Corner Spokane 136kb
heath8.jpg Passing Lorretta Lynns 137kb
heath9.jpg Corner Lorretta Lynns 109kb

April Robertson - #737
File Type Location Size
april1.jpg Jump Spokane 89kb

File Type Location Size
waunch.jpg Jump Tacoma Dome 48kb

File Type Location Size
cctakeout.gif A sequence of Chris Holliday showing how much of a true dirty rider he is... Spokane 173kb
corymattcorner.jpg Luttermoser and Bossard playing around. Spokane 53kb
heathchriscorner.jpg Heath and Chris railing around a corner (chris is on one of Tim Robertson's bikes) Spokane 46kb
corykonrad.jpg Cory blasting around Konrad, as he is trying to pick up his bike. Richland 27kb

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