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Weekend Adventures

Well, I'm sure you noticed the message board for the public. Now it the chance to read about the new shit that is going on with SMR. This is were I plan to have all the cool stuff written. Hopefully it goes over pretty well. Here is the link: SMR Crew Message Board Well, this is just a start of what your going to see in weekend adventures. Serioulsy, this is pretty funny shit. I will write updates about what we do. Sorry we haven't been documenting, its just cause i haven't really felt like it. Late' Ben

Adventure Description
Smith's Weekend Zach Smith came to town, so we wanted to show him a good time in Cheney....Just so happened that there was some parents gone. We went to town. I actually didn't show up till all of the damage was done, but I did show up in time to snap a couple of shots of people who weren't haveing the best time.
After Work This one happened after work. It has to do with me, a fat lady, and her hot friend with 4 kids. lol
The Chad Stunts This is just the begining for this kid. Chad going off with the most stupidest things I have ever seen, but they deserve to be on the site.

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